Dr Steve Marsland D.C.

Chiropractor at The Canadian Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Delma Street Branch Tel: 02 555 9999

Khalifa City A Branch Tel: 02 555 9999

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"I've been going to Steve for chiropractic treatments for almost a year now and have been so impressed by the treatments and service that I have received. Steve's treatments are so thorough and I feel that he is trying to solve my health problems to the best of his abilities each time I visit. Steve's manner is so calm and professional - I feel I trust him completely and feel very re-assured after every treatment.


Steve has helped treat a number of my health issues; migraines, knee pain, period pain and muscle tension (just a few!!). The effect of his treatments have blown me away and each of these problems have either gone completely, or they have been reduced to a tiny amount of pain and therefore I find them so much more tolerable.


I hadn't realised the huge variety of health issues that chiropractic care could help with and that most ailments are connected in some way. Steve has helped me to understand my own health so that I'm able to take better care of myself.


I would highly highly recommend Steve as a chiropractor and trusted healthcare professional and so much so that we don't want to lose him from his practice here in Leamington Spa in the UK! I will have to travel to Abu Dhabi for treatments!! Thank you for all of your help and good luck in your new life and practice in the middle east!"


Mrs G.

Business woman



"I came to see Dr Steve initially for a lower back problem I have suffered with on and off for years. Being a personal trainer, when my back got bad, it would really affect my work, as well as my quality of life. Dr Steve’s treatment was not only very effective at sorting out my problem, but his knowledge and advice on how to prevent the problem returning has been invaluable. Since first seeing him, I have continued to get regular check-ups every month or so. He has also helped me with a few other problems including a shoulder injury and knee pain. For these problems I particularly found his kinesio-taping techniques a real help. Over the years I have referred many of my own clients to see Dr Steve, and they have all been really happy!"


Richard D

Personal Trainer



"Having suffered for years with shoulder and neck pain, associated with my job as a hairdresser, one of my clients recommended seeing Dr Steve. His approach was really friendly, yet professional. Dr Steve’s treatment and knowledge quickly got my aches and pains under control, and he taught me exercises and techniques to help improve my posture, and to help prevent the problems coming back. Really highly recommend him."


Anna D




"Dr Steve has helped me work through a number a different issues, mainly sports related injuries! His knowledge and experience is very reassuring. He has a brilliantly calm and confident manner, which immediately makes you feel like you are in very good hands! Dr Steve has also been great at giving me exercises to do and specific advice on nutrition."


Mr A

Businessman and weekend athlete



"With my job, I tend to sit at a desk all day, and if I’m not doing that I am usually driving. all that sitting over the years had taken its strain on my back and neck. Before seeing Dr Steven, I used to get chronic back and neck ache, along with daily headaches. Thankfully, one of my friends recommended seeing him for his opinion.


On my first session with Dr Steven, he listened carefully to me as I described my issues. It was so nice to have someone give you the time and attention, and to understand how you have been suffering. He then examined my back and neck thoroughly, along with looking at my posture and alignment. Once my examination was over, he took his time to explain the cause of my problem clearly, and in a really understandable way. I must say, it was so reassuring to hear this!


When I began my treatment, Dr Steven always explained to me what he was doing and why. After even just the first week or so I started to feel better. I am now free of headaches, and my back and neck no longer cause me problems. I now recommend Dr Steven to all my friends and family!"


Mrs N




"I can’t recommend Steven and his treatment highly enough. I love his friendly yet professional approach, and his treatment are always incredibly effective. I have tried many different treatments before, but have found this to be by far the best!"


Mr D

Business owner



"I came to see Dr Marsland on a recommendation of a work colleague. I had suffered with headaches for years, and a few times a month I would have a full on migraine attack, which would mean I would be literally incapacitated. I always seemed to be in a bad

mood, and never had the energy or inclination to play with my children, or spend quality time with my wife.


Under Dr Marsland’s care, he identified that the problem originated from my spine, and had been caused by years of poor posture and bad lifestyle choices. He began his treatment, and I started to make some changes to my life on his recommendation. After just a few weeks my head began to feel clearer, with significantly less pain. As the weeks went on, I just kept on improving. I can honestly say that Dr Marsland’s care has changed my life. My wife says she has got her husband back, and my children have got their father

back. Thanks Dr Marsland!"


Mr S.




"I decided to see Steve after hearing him speak about the value of Chiropractic care when you are pregnant. I was about 20 weeks pregnant at that stage, and continued with regular check-ups through my pregnancy. I now understand how important it is to have

your spine and pelvis in the best alignment, and to have your nervous system working as well as possible, especially when you are carrying your baby. It means that your baby has as much room as he/she needs to move and grow, and makes the birth so much easier on both you and them.


After I had given birth, Steve checked my spine and pelvis, and also gave my little baby boy and thorough check-up. My baby had a slight misalignment of one of his cranial bones and his sacrum (tailbone). With Steve’s incredibly gentle yet specific treatment, he was able to correct these issues quickly, and my baby actually really enjoyed being treated! Thank you Steve!"


Emma G




"I brought my two month old baby girl to see Dr Steve as she was suffering badly with colic. She didn’t feed very well, and after each feed, she would be in obvious distress for what seemed like hours. She rarely settled for more than an hour at a time, and it was  really taking its toll and me and my husband.


After Dr Steve examined my baby, he found that the problems were coming from her spine and also two of her cranial bones. He began working on correcting these issues. The treatment was so gentle, and I could tell my baby was completely comfortable and

relaxed throughout! After each session with Dr Steve, my little girl would sleep for hours, which gave me some much needed rest too. After a couple of weeks, she started to feed much easier, and no longer had the discomfort after feeding. She would also settle and sleep much better. I am so grateful to Dr Steve, I don’t think he’ll ever know how much he has helped me and my family!"


Mrs C




"Steven has been treating me over the last two and a half years for various neck and shoulder problems. I have always found him a kind and courteous young man. He explains the treatment he would like to administer and gives you time to ask questions. I have been very pleased with the results. I recommend him, and will miss him when he moves."


Sheila C

Retired shop owner


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