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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine in Abu Dhabi is a very new type of approach to health and wellbeing.  


Functional Medicine determines HOW and WHY illness occurs, and restores health and wellbeing to the body by addressing the root cause of disease for each individual.  By understanding why the body is in a state of illness or dis-ease, we can then work to bring back the normal balance and function.  


Functional Medicine understands that for one particular symptom (complaint), there can be multiple causes.  Likewise, one cause can lead to many different conditions.  Therefore, Functional Medicine is very patient-centred and individualised.  One person's condition could be due to one particular cause, whereas the next person with the same symptomatology could have a completely different underlying cause.  My approach looks to understand this underlying cause and address the root of the problem.


My approach to Functional Medicine in the UAE is a very natural and holistic one.  I will always strive to solve the underlying imbalances through addressing diet, lifestyle and exercise, along with the selective use of supplements.  Sometimes however, we will need the assistance of conventional allopathic medicine.


For certain health complaints, we will be working as a team with your medical doctor.


Functional Medicine almost always requires the use of highly detailed advanced functional diagnostic testing.  For this, I have teamed up with a lab in London, who provide sophisticated functional testing at the forefront of healthcare and wellness.


As a general rule, Functional Medicine is not covered by insurance, nor are the tests.  Therefore, patients interested in undertaking their journey to health with me should always be prepared to make a good investment in their wellbeing.


Please see my dedicated website for functional medicine and wellness coaching:




Consultations are available online.


Please see my dedicated website for Functional Medicine and Wellness Coaching at drstevemarsland.com.