Dr Steve Marsland D.C.

Chiropractor at The Canadian Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Delma Street Branch Tel: 02 555 9999

Khalifa City A Branch Tel: 02 555 9999

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The way I work is highly individual and specific to each patient, and the particular condition with which they come to me for help. Through university and in my years since graduating, I have learnt a wide variety of treatment techniques. There is not one particular technique I solely subscribe to; just as a mechanic has many different tools in his tool box, I think it is important in healthcare to have many different approaches, to suit the wide variety of people and problems I encounter.


The majority of my treatment is in the form a specific chiropractic adjustments. These take many different forms, depending on the person and their condition. It may be done by using my hands in a very specific way or by using assistance from an instrument. When necessary, I work on the soft-tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.


For this, I use a combination of Active Release Technique, pressure point/trigger point therapy, stretching and massage.


I am also qualified to perform Western Medical Acupuncture, otherwise known as Dry Needling. This technique uses acupuncture needles, but from a scientific medical perspective to help reduce pain and improve movement.


I am certified in Kinesiology Taping. This involves using specialist kinesio-tape on

muscles and soft-tissues to help relieve pain, swelling, and normalize movement patterns.


Many sports people use this technique to manage sporting injuries, but it also is equally effective for a wide variety of other issues.


Over the years I have learnt and developed specialized techniques to help pregnant and post-natal women. I also help babies and toddlers with problems that they can often experience. This area I will cover in greater detail in the section Pregnancy, Babies and Children.

I take a very holistic approach with my patients. By this I mean that I will help my patients in many different areas, alongside my treatment. I provide advice and guidance on nutrition and supplementation, exercise prescription, along with more general lifestyle advice.


The very best chiropractic care understands that each patient is different, and may require a different approach from the next.  As a chiropractor my aim is to fully understand my patient's condition, and to get to the underlying root cause.  Thereby not only providing quick relief, but also a long-term solution.


My care looks to address the underlying imbalances or weakness in my patient, that have led to their current conditon.  



Chiropractic Techniques

Holistic Approach